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اشهد إن لا الله الا الله و أشهد إن محمد رسول الله، الله أكبر

I beg for mercy, my name is Dalibor Ilic, I have no family, I live alone, I have no money for food and bills. Please help me if you are able. As I wrote I need money for food and bills.Payment should be in euro currency as much as you can, my giro account is: RS35160600000130286666. Whatever you decide, God bless you.I speak the truth, Dalibor.

There is a bomb in your mail box

This website is Halal

Fuck dem niggaz at You Tube they deleted my Youtube Poop because it said the n word too much

Check out this book that got banned from amazon

Futuristic Wind Farm


Tor: retardxtlacacjfn.onion

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