My camera sucks ass so the grain and wind obscured my face for me

Climbing a 1000ft TV tower

I climbed the red and white tower in the back of this picture. The front tower is the new one built when this TV station switched to digital. The old is now only used as a backup for when the main needs maintinence. The main tower is on and transmitting up to 1 million watts so I wouldn't even get close to the top before I start to feel the RF

this light is really warm

Took about 2 hours to reach the top. There were a few platforms on the way up to rest on so that made things a little easier.

I think these droopy ceiling fans are funny as shit

When the park was open they had actors stage gun fights in the street throughout the day. I think these barrels would shoot water out like they had been hit.

Abandoned amusement park on a mountain

To get there I had to walk all the way up the mountain. It's a little less than a mile but really steep, completely overgrown and covered in thorns.

Climbed the drop tower. This thing was janky af and there was a section of ladder missing. Where did it go?

I saw this huge block of foam in the woods and had no idea what it was until a few days later when I found a youtube video of the place from when it was open. Actors would use it to jump off the roof during performances. here's the video (0:42)

In this picture you can see the skyscrapers in Charlotte over 30 miles away, which I think is fuckin badass

climbing a 320ft cell tower

someone cut the barbed wire at the gate but I still ended up with a hole in my pants

Abandoned juvenile detention center built in 1909 and a church across the street


No way in. You can see the lock mechanism though the hole but the parts are all rusted together.

I pissed in this toilet

Only a few weeks earlier the government put up a new bigass barbed wire fence around every building to keep faggots like us out. Every single fence already had a big hole cut in multiple places. I really don't know what they were expecting to accomplish when you can easily cut through the chain link fence with a 12 dollar pair of linemans pliers from the home depot.

Someone had written this message at least a dozen times through the place. I think its from the quran

I opened it

I took this one home

Among the huge piles of paper were copies of peoples social security cards

Huge apartment building under construction

I think this was an elevator shaft. The water smelled like ASS and you couldn't see the bottom. No idea how deep it is.

Some of these were taken with 1 second exposure because thats the best I could do holding my phone against a wall without too much movement

by the time I left it was already morning

I came back here a couple months later but was seen by security. Lucky for me I knew exactly where the exit was. Theres only one way out from the parking garage so if I didn't already know the place I would have been FUCK, though they probably would have just told me to fuck off.

dumbass retard got hit by a train


Walked 10 miles to a quarry. This was the best I could do with the ISO as far up as my phone would go. Not much moon light and I can't really light up a 1/4 mile wide pit with a flash light. The bottom of the pit was mud up to my ankles.

Field with a few abandoned street cleaning trucks.

I couldn't find the penny

This board did not stop me

frozen pissa in da grass

Motel in some small town in the Texass panhandle

This place has been unmaintained for a long ass time but the first room I went in was completely untouched. No graffiti and nothing was smashed which made me really concerned so I took a few pictures and fucked off real fast. As I was leaving I could hear someone yelling. For whatever reason someone is actively keeping people out of here.

Bathtub in texas

Bridge in Missouri

another train car in a field. how tha fuck did it get there.

not tresspassing here but this pic is just badass

Gas stations in Texass right next to I-40

Motel and diner right on the border of New Mexico and Texass

There seems to be some confusion on the importance of brown people

right after taking this picture I almost stepped on a rattle snake. It looked like a stick. lil fucker started rattling and I may have shit my diaper