Abandoned juvenile detention center built in 1909 and a church across the street


No way in. You can see the lock mechanism though the hole but the parts are all rusted together.

I pissed in this toilet

Only a few weeks earlier the government put up a new bigass barbed wire fence around every building to keep faggots like us out. Every single fence already had a big hole cut in multiple places. I really don't know what they were expecting to accomplish when you can easily cut through the chain link fence with a 12 dollar pair of linemans pliers from the home depot.

Someone had written this message at least a dozen times through the place. I think its from the quran

I opened it

I took this one home

Among the huge piles of paper were copies of peoples social security cards

Huge apartment building under construction

I think this was an elevator shaft. The water smelled like ASS and you couldn't see the bottom. No idea how deep it is.

Some of these were taken with 1 second exposure because thats the best I could do holding my phone against a wall without too much movement

by the time I left it was already morning

I came back here a couple months later but was seen by security. Lucky for me I knew exactly where the exit was. Theres only one way out from the parking garage so if I didn't already know the place I would have been FUCK, though they probably would have just told me to fuck off.

dumbass retard got hit by a train


Walked 10 miles to a quarry. This was the best I could do with the ISO as far up as my phone would go. Not much moon light and I can't really light up a 1/4 mile wide pit with a flash light. The bottom of the pit was mud up to my ankles.

Field with a few abandoned street cleaning trucks.

I couldn't find the penny

This board did not stop me

frozen pissa in da grass