Top Reasons Kpop is Garbage

BTS wearing swastika hats and supporting the Hiroshima bombing

Japanese network TV Asahi abruptly cancelled BTS’s scheduled appearance on its flagship Music Station show after being alerted to a photograph of Jimin, 23, wearing a T-shirt featuring a slogan celebrating Korea’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule in August 1945. The words were accompanied by an image of a mushroom cloud generated by an exploding atomic bomb.

BTS on stage performing swinging around flags near replicas of hitler's swastika flags

In a collaboration with a Korean male singer Seo Taiji BTS wear what appears to be the black SS uniform and waving a flag that strongly resembles the flag of Nazi Germany.

Kpop girl group Pritz wearing Nazi armband

On November 18, Pritz released their MV for "Sora Sora". In the MV, they can be seen wearing red armbands containing white circles and a black cross with arrowheads on the ends. The armbands' design has been compared to that of the Nazi Hakenkreuz as well as the Arrow Cross, two symbols that carry racist connotations.

Kpop girl groups are just softcore porn

Scantily clad korean women dancing sexually suggestive dance moves accompanied by Garbage music. Even album covers are not exempt

Kpop stars sentenced to prison for gang rape

Two Korean pop stars were sentenced to prison for gang-raping unconscious women, secretly recording the act and distributing the tapes as part of a scandal that has rocked the K-pop industry, according to South Korean media. Jung Joon-young, 30, and Choi Jong-hoon, 29, were found guilty of rape and sentenced to six and five years of prison, respectively, The Korea Herald reported.

Burning Sun Scandal

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